Jul 29 2014

Mexico City Council Meets

City hall was packed once again as parties from both sides of the issue were on hand at the 6:00 work session to express their opinions regarding a possible smoking ordinance for Mexico businesses.

Attorney Lou Leonatti presented information regarding how a public place is defined by law and how that definition might affect such an ordinance.

The regularly scheduled meeting also offered a possible a rezoning issue regarding land owned by the Audrain ambulance district. In a public hearing, Rita Jackson said that a rezoning from residential to commercial zoning would leave some areas illegally zoned and recommended that council deny the request from the ambulance district to make the land on the west side of Huntingfield drive from R-1 single family dwellings to C-2 general commercial zoning.

An ordinance was adopted by the city under regulation by state law that from hence forth establishes a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interest for specific municipal officials including mayor and council.

Council heard from the public regarding the conceal & carry law in the city and addressed a request that work sessions be placed on the city’s Youtube channel as city manager Bruce Slagel said it was too labor intensive and required too much space to save the work sessions as required by law. Plus he noted that all action was taken at the official regularly scheduled meetings.

Council adjourned and the next meeting will be held August 11th. They meet for budget work sessions this week.

Jul 26 2014

Mexico Pool Closed For Season After Mechanical Failure

Mexico Parks and Recreation Director Chad Shoemaker says a pipe failure and the subsequent flooding has sunk the Mexico pool for the rest of the season. Shoemaker says on Thursday, parks, city and city council members made the decision to shut down the Mexico Fairgrounds Pool for the rest of the year. he says the flooding took out the pool’s pump motor, the electrical panel that controls it and damaged a lift station for the pool. Shoemaker says a quick fix would have cost too much and was not financially feasible for the pool to re-open with only one or two days left in the swim season. The pool was scheduled to close Sunday, August 10th for the season. shoemaker says if you had already paid for swim lessons for you or your child, or had a party scheduled and had paid for that, you need to contact city hall to start the refund process. Shoemaker says a determination about the future of the pool will be discussed over the coming fall and winter months by city staff and the city council and a decision will be made on whether to fix the pool will be made before next season.

Jul 26 2014

Polling Places Moved From Audrain Courthouse

If you are expecting to vote in the upcoming primary election in Audrain County on Tuesday, August 5th and you vote at the Audrain County Courthouse, you may want to check where you now vote. Audrain County Clerk Shelly Harvey says the polls for voters that normally vote at the Audrain County Courthouse have now been moved to the Courthouse Annex, which is the location of the old Pearl Motor Company building on north Jefferson. The county bought the building last year when Pearl’s moved to south Clark Street. Harvey says Mexico precincts two, three and four and the rural precincts of seven and eight will now vote in the annex for future elections.

Jul 22 2014

Pool Problems Continue for Fairgrounds Pool

Mexico Parks & Rec dept. says pump problems continue to plague the pool causing another shut down.

Chad Shoemaker, Mexico Parks & Rec. Director says that a 10 inch pressurized pipe in the pump failed, causing the closure of the Fairgrounds Pool until the dept. is able to get it fixed.

Shoemaker anticipates that they will have more information regarding the parts required to repair the pool over the next couple of days.

In the meantime, lessons have been cancelled. Shoemaker says if the pool is not reopened, that refunds will be given through city hall.

Jul 21 2014

Audrain County Fair Continues in Mexico

The Audrain Co. 4H Fair has a couple more days of events, we check in with event organizer heather club wagner about today’s events. wagner says today is all about the swine show.

Wagner says one of the fun events of the fair, the super farmer contest, will also be held tonight.

Along with that contest, the horse show will also begin at 6 oclock.

The fair is at the 4h Fairgrounds in Mexico.

Jul 17 2014

Mexico Man Arrested for Sex Crimes

Audrain Co. Sheriff Stuart Miller reports a Mexico man was arrested yesterday on sex charges.

34 yo Marcus Clayton Bell of Mexico was arrested on an audrain co warrant for sexual misconduct, sexual abuse and abuse of a vulnerable person.

Bell was arrested following a warrant that was issued on May 31st of this year.

Bell is expected to be in court for an arraignment Monday July 28th at 9am.

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