Apr 20 2015

Miss Missouri Helps Clean Mexico

If you noticed Mexico a little cleaner today, you can thank the Miss Missouri contestants. To celebrate earth day over the weekend, many contestants for Miss Missouri converged in Mexico and helped make Mexico look a little cleaner. The ladies were in town for the Miss America’s National Day of Service on Sunday. Volunteers picked up trash, and swept the sidewalks. Along with cleaning Mexico, the volunteers raised more than $1,700 all for the Children’s Miracle Network.

Apr 20 2015

Mexico Man Injured In Vehicle Accident

A Mexico man required hospitalization after the bicycle he was riding struck a pickup truck. According to Mexico Public Safety, 43 year old Leslie Westlake was riding his bicycle westbound on Whitley Street when he entered the intersection without stopping and struck a 2008 Dodge pickup being driven by 41 year old Nathan Debo of Mexico. Westlake was taken to an area hospital in Columbia for treatment of injuries sustained in the accident.

Apr 14 2015

Mexico High School Journalism Awards

The Mexico High School Digital Media department including Broadcasting, Yearbook and Newspaper competed on April 8, 2015 at the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association Journalism Day. Their instructor is Mrs. Jami Williams. This was the first year that the department entered the competition with a total of 22 entries in various categories. Each entry earned enough points to place in the varying categories. In order to earn an Honorable Mention, which is the novice level ranking, at least 300 points must be accumulated. The next category is Excellent and then Superior. Following are the results of the competition; each entry was awarded enough points to earn a place.

Superior: Broadcast Individual Commercial: Ryan Spargo, Sadie Frazier, Allison Smiley, Ayden Pendegraft, Austin Alexander and Isaac Prior
Superior: Photography Individual Photo Illustration: Allison Smiley
Superior: Photography Individual Photo Illustration: Allison Smiley

Excellent: Yearbook Individual Overall Theme/Concept: Ali Mudd, Tiffany Young
Excellent: Broadcast Overall Newsmagazine: This is HCC (Lauren Quinlan, Kaelyn Denham)
Excellent: Newspaper Individual Single Page Design: Michaela Grubb
Excellent: Broadcast Individual Human Interest Feature Story: Isaac Prior, Austin Pattillo

Honorable Mention: Newspaper Individual In-Depth Article: Ayden Pendegraft
Honorable Mention: Newspaper Individual Feature Story: Shondella Merkley
Honorable Mention: Newspaper Individual Feature Story: Michaela Grubb
Honorable Mention: Newspaper Individual Single Page Design: Aubrey Long, Michaela Grubb, Ayden Pendegraft, Shondella Merkley
Honorable Mention: Newspaper Overall: The Growl
Honorable Mention: Newspaper Overall Editors: Michaela Grubb, Ayden Pendegraft
Honorable Mention: Broadcast Individual Show Opener: Sadie Frazier, Isaac Prior, Austin Pattillo, Austin Alexander
Honorable Mention: Broadcast Individual News Short Story: Elisabeth Gooch, Cameron Holman
Honorable Mention: Broadcast Individual News Short Story: Tyler Spargo, Quinton Baumgartner
Honorable Mention: Broadcast Individual PSA: Becca Kristofferson, Meria Miller, Alexis Landrum
Honorable Mention: Broadcast Individual PSA: Ethan Shy, Seamus Levin, Jacob Jaeger
Honorable Mention: Broadcast Individual PSA: Rory McKeown
Honorable Mention: Broadcast Human Interest Feature: Adria Costley, Andrew Lummis
Honorable Mention: Yearbook Individual Sports Design: Tiffany Young, Ali Mudd
Honorable Mention: Yearbook Individual Photography: Allison Smiley

Apr 09 2015

Bean Creek takes Blast

Tronado, Or High Winds?
Residents north of Mexico in the Bean Creek community are thankful tonight. Thankful that personal damage was all that occurred after strong winds, heavy rain and hail hit the area this afternoon.
Shortly after 3pm, sirens sounded in Mexico as the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning for Audrain County. The alarm was sounded after the NWS observed rotational patterns in radar suggesting a tornado.
Two funnel cloud sightings were reported to KWWR, with neither hitting the ground. The first came from a resident south of Thompson on FF highway. The second came from Highway 15 about 4 miles north of Mexico.
However, most of the damage came in the vicinity of Bean Creek. Several outbuildings were damaged and large trees uprooted, but the worst of the damage came at the Eric Paden and Ed Kreyling residences.
Walter Paden, Eric’s father,felt the winds had to be tornadic in nature.
“It was definitely a tornado because of the way it swirled and painted this house with rain and insulation,” he explained. Two-thirds of the houses exterior was covered in insulation, the back wall was buckled, parts of the back deck blown away, and a swath of roof decking was missing entirely.
Winds then whipped across J Highway, snapping two electric poles, before hitting the Ed Kreyling residence. Kreyling was home by himself when the storm hit. “Next thing I knew it went boom, boom, boom,” he described, as the storm hit. Numerous shingles are missing from his roof, but the real damage came to a 20-plus foot travel trailer. It was lifted over a fence and tossed 50 feet away.
The trailer, and most of its contents, were a total loss. Several farm items were damaged. Barn doors are missing, a circular water trough was tossed about 200 feet and other items strewn across his pasture.




Apr 09 2015

Mexico Farmers Market

The Mexico Farmers Market returns again this Saturday for their weekly sale of produce. On this weeks list of things for sale, they will be offering Pork, eggs, pies, nut breads, cookies; along with bedding plants, perennials, pansies, and violas, dog biscuits. Market is open from 8-11 at Orscheln’s parking lot on 3001 S. Clark

Apr 09 2015

STD Testing in Audrain County

With April being STD awareness month, the Audrain County Health Department will be offering STD testing for just $15. The Health Department will be testing for HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Walk-ins are welcome between 8am and 3pm at the Health Department located at 1130 South Elmwood in Mexico. If you have any questions, please call 573-581-1332

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