Jul 06 2012

Biodiesel Bill Now Law

Eligible biodiesel producers will be guaranteed payment from the state now, under a new Missouri law.

House Bill 1462 extends the period of time that a biodiesel producer is eligible to receive payment from the state incentive fund. Currently, recipients are eligible for five years, and that time span can extended by just two years if state funds are unavailable. With this new law, the two year limitation is lifted so qualifying producers are guaranteed payment.

“After a few rough economic years, we in the Legislature wanted to make sure biodiesel producers receive the money they’re promised for the work they do,” said Senator Brian Munzliner (R-Williamstown), who helped push the bill through the Senate. “Instead of writing off payment, producers can now rest assured they will receive full payment, which is only right.”

Governor Jay Nixon signed the bill on Friday.