Jul 10 2012

Mexico Council Appoints Board Members, Considers Burn Ban and Extends Sidewalk Cafe Hours

The Mexico City Council gave first reading to an ordinance that would allow the City Manager to enact a burn ban with a recommendation from the Director of Public Safety. Mayor Ron Loesch says the city has never had any real authority with burn bans. This ordinance will give the city manager that authority. The Council will revisit – and possibly pass – the issue during its next meeting on July 23rd. The council appointed a total of 15 residents to eight various boards and commissions at last night’s council meeting. No appointments were made to the new Building Code Board of Appeals after only two applied for the five-member board. City officials stated they’d bring back the original two after enough qualified applicants had applied to make a functioning board. Councilman Chris Williams was elated after the meeting about the number of appointments made. He says it’s great seeing all the people that applied to sit on a board or commission. Appointed to the Mexico-Audrain Library Board was Bob Fenlon. Bill Maloney and Lura Williams were both re-appointed to the Twenty-First Century Fund. Ralph Mika, Kyle Cone and Craig Kimbel were appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Loesch was re-appointed to the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority. Janine Vogel was appointed to the Mexico Tourism Commission. Dale Dowell was re-appointed to the Mexico Housing Authority board. Carl Burkhead and Gene Owen were re-appointed and Adam Henderson was appointed to the Mexico Park Board. Carl Roberts, Scott Meislin and Tina Rubio were appointed to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Council members also agreed to extend the hours of operation for the “Sidewalk Cafe” ordinance. The new hours will allow a business to keep its tables area open through 10:00 at night Monday through Saturday and 1:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon on Sundays.