Jul 11 2012

School Board Sees Positive Financial Situation

There is some positive news coming out of the Mexico School District. District reserves at the end of the fiscal year were at 18.68%, compared to last year’s 15%.

At the School Board meeting on Tuesday afternoon, the board decided to take advantage of the increase. Business Manager Tony Chance says they transferred $336,000 to the Capital Improvement Fund.

“We’ll build our balance, and at the same time be able to take money and put it into the capital projects for facility and building maintenance in the district,” he explained.

With that transfer, the district still enjoys a 17% reserve percentage for the year.

The School Board also decided to invest in professional development, both for the Board as a whole and for new Superintendent Kevin Freeman.

Paul Pitchford, Executive Director of Board Development for the Missouri School Board Association, will be visiting later this year to help encourage “effective governance.”

Freeman will receive guidance on an individual basis as well from Peg Portscheller, a nationally known professional development instructor. She will meet with Freeman via telephone and Internet.

All of the items on the thin agenda were passed unanimously 4-0. Board members Dr. Elwood Rice, Dustin Pascoe and Pat Maguire were absent from the meeting.