Aug 09 2012

Back to School: Bus Safety Tips

With kids going back to school, that means school buses will be on Mexico roads. 18 buses carrying about 1,100 students will be driving their routes twice a day, affecting traffic.

Director of Transportation Curt Jackson emphasizes safety rules for both drivers and students.

For drivers: when a bus gets within about 500 feet of a stop, amber lights flash. When it stops, the red lights come one and the stop sign is extended. Drivers going either direction cannot pass the bus when the bus is stopped, with the exception of motorists going to opposite direction on a highway divided by a median. If you don’t obey this law, your license plate will be written down, and an immediate fine will be assessed. Buses also stop at all railroad crossings and cannot turn right at a red light.

Students are also offered some safety tips: don’t get to the bus stop too early, don’t play at the bus stop, form a single line to load, keep school materials in bookbags, no animals allowed, check coats and bags for drawstrings that might get tangled, and don’t go back to the bus if they leave something on it.