Sep 04 2012

Mexico Special Pick Up Weekends Announced

Mexico city officials have released the Fall Clean Up and special pick up schedule for residents. If your regular trash day is Monday or Thursday, your special clean up day will be Saturday, October 6th. If your trash pickup is Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, your Saturday will be October 13th. Crews will not pick up tires, petroleum products, insecticides, poisons, cleaners or disinfectants. Those items can be taken to Mexico’s hazardous waste facility located on south Morris Street at the Singleton Maintenance Center. The facility is only open on Wednesday’s and you have to make an appointment to drop off the items. Also, an appliance pickup will be held again. Any appliance with freon will not be picked up unless the compressor has been removed by a certified technician and it has been tagged. Items should be at the curb no later than 6:00 on the morning of your Saturday.