Sep 18 2012

Penny Wars at MMS

Students at Mexico Middle School are taking part in a tradition that’s been around for about a decade – it’s the Penny Wars. Principal Deb Haag says the event raises funds for the United Way.

“For every penny your class brings in, you get points. Then, the other classes put silver coins in your buckets to take away from your pennies,” she explains.

There’s an extra bonus for the class that raises the most money; students will be able to exact revenge on the principals of the school.

“Well, we call it ‘building comradery’ at the middle school,” laughed Haag, “the classes are competing to ‘silly string’ myself and Mr. Costley.”

Haag says their goal is $1,500. Community members are invited to stop by and take part in the Penny Wars as well. It takes place all this week during lunch at the Middle School.