Sep 25 2012

AMC Sued By EEOC Over Discrimination Complaint

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued Audrain Medical Center in Mexico over what they allege is disability discrimination against a former AMC nurse in 2009. In a news release, EEOC Attorney Barbara Seely contends AMC failed to accommodate 17-year employee Cynthia Hodges after she returned from a medical leave due to neuralgia. Seely says Hodges had a 10-pound lifting restriction for six weeks after returning to work. The lawsuit alleges when AMC refused to accomodate her, refused to grant an additional six-week, unpaid leave to Hodges and ultimately fired her, which discriminated against her. Seely says AMC refused to explain why it would not grant the additional leave. She says it would not have caused a staff shortage because AMC did not replace hodges until well after her return to work date. An attempt to contact Seely for further comment was not successful Tuesday afternoon. AMC representatives say hospital officials will have a statement Wednesday morning.