Sep 26 2012

Walk Back and Time Returns this Weekend

It’s been an annual event for more than a decade in Mexico, and it’s coming back this weekend. The Walk Back in Time kicks off on Friday, September 28th at the Audrain County Historical Museum Complex.

Paul Baum started the event 11 years ago.

“It’s about tripled since the very first year. Triple the number of re-enactors, the number of visitors. That’s just what we wanted, but we had no idea in the outset that it would happen,” he said.

He says the Walk Back in Time is a panorama of American history.

“We almost complete surround the mansion with an American timeline. You can shake hands with George Washington, and keep right on going through the 1830s, 1880s, and on and on and on,” he explained.

Although many of the exhibits and events are related to the military, Baum says that’s not the only feature.

“We’ll have a Native American part, we’ll have the Western explorers, in addition to all the other things that are military which is part of our history as well.”

There’s also 1860s baseball.

“That will be Sunday afternoon. It’s an 1860s version of what we understand to be American baseball today. There were no balls, no strikes, how did they do it? Come by and find out,” he said.

There are several recurring and new events this year. Click here to find the full schedule.