Oct 05 2012

State Auditor: Mexico Schools “Good”

The results of the Mexico School District audit have been released. State Auditor Tom Schweich says the important thing is that the district was rated as “good.” That’s his office’s second-highest rating.

“We knew there was some controversy in the past relative to the district and the former Superintendent and the Director of Transportation,” Schweich said, “but we found most of those problems had been cleared up. We did find a few issues that needed to be improved, such as better segregating their accounting duties.”

The only other issue was the District not having written agreements with its attorney and business consultant.

“It’s standard practice, and it’s arguable that under Missouri law it’s required to have a written contract,” he said, “it’s kind of a gray area with respect to services contracts like business consultants and lawyers.”

He says that no evidence of illegal activity was found in either area audited. The only problems auditors found were procedural. District officials have started putting better procedures in place.

Schweich says his office will not do a follow up, since the overall performance was rated as “good.”