Nov 07 2013

Plan To Deal With Problem From Niemann’s Foods Submitted For Approval To County Health

A plan on how County Market plans to address concerns brought forth by an investigation into possible asbestos contamination of the grocery store in Mexico has now been presented to the Audrain County Health Department. Administrator Kevin Lowrance says the department received the plan Thursday morning. He says there’s three things the health department and the state are looking for in the plan. “The main thing we are looking for in the plan is to make sure the company does three things,” Lowrance says. “One, is to address in detail to us what they plan to do with the food that is existing in the facility that may be potentially contaminated with this construction dust. we want to know what they are going to do with that … are they going to clean it, dispose of it and how are they going to go about that. The second part we are looking at is, mainly you’re looking at the flat surfaces in the facility. There is a lot of construction dust on the shelving, on the floors, things like that, on the coolers. We have to make sure that dust is not just left there, or blown away so that somebody can start inhaling it. and, then, the third thing we’re looking at with the plan is what are the plans for ensuring the protection of the food product in the future.” Lowrance says he’s not sure how long it will take to get the plan approved. “We are all trying to work as quickly and as diligently as possible,” he says. “Right now, of course, I can not control the speed of which other might want to, or might not want to, respond. we have been in constant contact with Niemann Foods. They would like to see something quicker and sooner than later. We have to present the plan and our comments to the Department of Health and Senior Services, which we are getting ready to submit that today. Once we do that, it’s up to the department to give us back their feedback and their comments. At that time, we can take their comments, incorporate them into our comments and our plan, and resumbit that back to Niemann Foods for them to update the plan and then return it back to us.” The food was embargoed Tuesday night by county health and the state, which caused niemann foods to close the store then. They say it will remain closed during the rest of the remodel, which could take until December 4th.