KXEO News Staff

News is very “important” to KXEO and one of our greatest links to the community of Mexico. We pride ourselves in being involved and in-the-know.

Christy Lynn anchors the Morning Report.

Christy Lynn graduated with honors from the Illinois Center of Broadcasting, in all its glory, in 2008 to solidify a career choice she began online in the early 2000′s. ¬†Over the last nine years radio has taken Christy over a large part of the country. From the oil rigs of Montana, to the skyscrapers of the Windy City, she’s enjoyed many experiences delivering news, music and the occcasional [sic] smidge of wackiness over the airwaves. She’s a mom, trivia junkie and video game enthusiast. She brings her expertise in those subjects as well as her organizational left brain tendencies to the KXEO News room.