Tower Fall

More pictures of the 403′ KXEO tower that fell the night of August 23rd, 2000.

Another view of the old satellite dish
on the east side of the building

The top section was pretty
badly mangled.

Ron Hutsel, on the microwave tower, trying to
get a fix on the 1,203′ foot tower.

A view from the tower base
area toward the building.

The portion across our generator building
was cut and then lifted off by the wrecker.

Another view of the top section.

That’s Ron again, installing a temporary
microwave dish for KWWR, on what was
left of the old microwave tower.

Another view from west of the tower base
toward the southeast.

A view from the studio building roof.

Had the tower fallen a few feet further to the south,
the studio building could have been destroyed.

The tower was cleared away by the weekend.
Here’s a view from the studio building to the northwest.

And finally a view from where the tower
had fallen, looking toward the building.

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