Investigative Committee Releases Second Report

A second report was issued by the House Special Investigative Committee this afternoon. [Wednesday]

The report found Governor Eric Greitens raised nearly 2 million dollars from people and organizations on a donor list for The Mission Continues, a charity Greitens founded.


The report includes testimony from several people associated with The Mission Continues and Greitens gubernatorial campaign.

The report says Greitens admitted to using the donor list to contact donors to his campaign, saying the list was an in-kind donation from former campaign worker, Danny Laub, with value of $600.

According to the committee, the list was not an in-kind contribution since Laub was not an employee of The Mission Continues, and was not authorized to release the list.

Laub received the list after Greitens ordered his executive assistant, Krystal Proctor, to transmit a list of 500 names of individuals and businesses that had donated 1 thousand dollars or more the The Mission Continues on January 6, 2015.

The report also states it was well known to the charity’s employees the donor list was only to be used for fundraising for the Mission Continues.

Greitens is charged with Computer Data Tampering in relation to the donor list being used for campaign contributions.

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