DeBrodie Nurse Pleads Guilty In Federal Court

A nurse who falsely claimed to provide health care services to Carl Debrodie, a mentally disabled man found dead encased in concrete in Fulton, has entered a guilty plea in federal court.

Forty nine year old Melissa Denise DeLap of Columbia waived her right to a grand jury.


DeLap, a Community Registered Nurse, was contracted to provide services to four beneficiaries that resided at Second Chance Homes. Her duties included performing face-to-face evaluations, reviewing physicians orders, monitoring their medications and reviewing their records.

Debrodie was one of the four under her care. He died around early September 2016, and his remains were found April 24, 2017.

DeLap completed and signed the monthly health summary for DeBrodie when he was already deceased. DeLap was ordered to pay $106,795 in restitution to medicaid and faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

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  1. Gene Burrow

    in this case 1o years is not enough. had she done her job his death might of came to light sooner and
    more evidence of what happen might of been found. unreal she valued money over human life.

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