Audrain County Looking For New Industry

The Audrain County Commissioners are looking at attracting new industry to the area. Western District Commissioner Tracy Graham says agriculture, especially dairy is one industry they are focusing on. Graham says when talking to out of state farmers taxing concerns are a major issue. Graham says that Audrain County has great water and transportation resources […]

Mexico Public Safety Report for 3/25/19

Mexico Public Safety reports a DWI arrest this (Monday) morning. Officers say 48 year old Eric P. Hester was going south on North Mississippi left the road and stuck a basketball goal. Hester then reportedly backed his vehicle up and hit the basketball goal several more times. Mexico Public Safety responded to the following calls […]

Snail Native To Missouri Extinct

A freshwater snail in Missouri is now believed to be extinct according to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The Ozark Pyrg, a small snail native to Missouri and Arkansas, is presumed extinct after none have been confirmed in surveys since their first discovery in 1915. As of December of 2018, the snail is […]