Pipeline Company Releases Email on Hydro-Testing In Audrain County

The parent company of Panhandle Eastern Pipeline that is in charge for the pipeline in Audrain County that ruptured in March, is now testing the pipeline with water.

According to an email from Energy Transfer  sent last (Thursday) night they are hydro-testing to test the strength of the pipe to identify any area that may need repairs.


The most recent testing took place yesterday (Thursday) in Mexico.

The hydro-test breached the pipeline at around 8:45, approximately 200 feet from where a break on March 3rd caused a massive blaze just outside of Mexico along Highway 15.

Officials say they have identified 3 sections of the pipe that needs to be removed and replaced.

It is possible that nearby landowners may hear a noise if the line does not hold the water during hydro-testing, however officials say there is no cause for alarm.

State Representative Kent Haden has confirmed he is pushing for Energy Transfer to hold a public information meeting regarding the pipeline.

The next testing is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9th.

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