Columbia Based Education Lawyer Duane Martin Talks Critical Race Theory On KXEO Morning Show

With the debate on Critical Race Theory exploding as Missouri School Districts get ready to head back to school AM 1340 KXEO and the Am I Awake Morning Show took a closer look at the topic. Duane Martin, a Columbia based education attorney who represents over 240 school districts in Missouri was a featured local guest and talked about Critical Race Theory.

The Mexico Public School District released a statement to KXEO news on Friday, July 23rd saying the Mexico Public Schools has not adopted any aspect of critical race theory.

According to Michelle Baumstark, chief communications officer for Columbia Public Schools, critical race theory and the 1619 Project will not be a part of the curriculum.

Jefferson City School District administrators say the official curriculum does not include critical race theory, however teachers can still discuss it in class.

Republican lawmakers are asking Governor to ban the teaching of critical race theory in Missouri schools.






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