Governor Parson Issues Executive Order Opposing Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Governor Mike Parson today (Thursday) issues an Executive Order opposing federal vaccine mandates.

In a statement released with the Executive Order, Parson states that “The Constitution and its historical interpretations leave public health decisions to the states.”

The governor encouraged Missourians to continue getting vaccinated, saying that more than three million are fully vaccinated with nearly 70 percent of Missourians 18 or older and almost 90 percent of those 65 and over have started the vaccination process.

The Executive Order directs all agencies, boards, commissions, and other entities within the executive branch of government to cooperate with the Attorney General in his lawsuit against the federal mandate and to neither require individuals to get the vaccine nor punish those individuals or businesses for non-compliance with the federal mandate if the individual objects for religious or medical reasons.





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