Mexico Public Safety Call Log From Tuesday 12/7

Mexico Public Safety responded to the following calls yesterday (Tuesday):

Peace disturbance in the 700 block of East Monroe;


Suspicious person in the 1300 block of West Liberty;

Property dispute in the 1400 block of Saturn, and

Suspicious vehicle in the 1800 block of Huntington Court.

Officers also investigated two non-injury accidents at West Monroe and Morris.

The first was at 7:43 in the morning when 17-year old Madeline E. Williams of Mexico was stopped at a yield sign and was rear-ended by 27-year old Sierra L. West, also of Mexico.

The second accident was at 3:15 when 37-year old Jason L. Eldridge of Mexico turned south onto Morris from West Monroe and sideswiped a vehicle driven by 66-year old Jerry R. Hoagland, also of Mexico.