Mexico Woman To Appear In Court On Drug Charges After Months Long Investigation

A Mexico woman is being charged by the Audrain County prosecutor after a months-long investigation.

According to court records Stefanie Lavender is charged with 2 counts of drug possession, unlawful possession of a firearm, keeping or maintaining a public nuisance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.


ABC 17 News reports a confidential informant messaged Lavender multiple times looking to buy 5 worth of tree and 5 worth of dabs through Facebook multiple times from July 15th through August 4th.

Investigators say trees is slang for marijuana.

A search warrant was issued for Lavender’s Facebook account on October 22nd.

Then November 9th, a search warrant was executed at Lavender’s residence in Mexico where law enforcement say they found over 2 pounds of marijuana, other drugs, multiple guns and over five thousand dollars in cash.

Lavender is scheduled to be in court on January 4th.