Fire In Mexico At Bougainville Drive Claims Lives Of Four Dogs And Two Cats

Four small dogs and 2 small cats are dead after a fire yesterday (Monday) afternoon in Mexico at Bougainville Drive.

Mexico Public Safety responded to the fire at a house just after 12:30 and found a house with an attached carport and storage area completely engulfed in flame with the fire moving into the kitchen area of the home.

The fire was contained and put out in those areas with the carport and storage area being completely destroyed and the kitchen suffering significant fire damage.

The rest of the home had serious heat damage.

Personnel found the four small dogs and 2 cats dead in the home.

Public Safety says the residents indicated they had been having some electrical issues in the carport, storage and kitchen areas and thought they smelled something burning and about a half hour later found the flame entering the home from the carport.

They managed to get all the people and one pet out before conditions became too dangerous.

No people were injured during the incident.