New Mexico And Fulton Hospital Owners Platinum Health Looking For Patience And Understanding During Transition

The new owners of hospitals in Mexico and Fulton- Platinum Leadership is saying patience and understanding is needed during the time of transition.

Almost two weeks ago on April 21st, Platinum Team Management announced an agreement to assume control of the Mexico and Fulton hospitals, along with nine medical clinics from Noble Health.

In an email sent out to furloughed employees on Saturday obtained by KWWR/KXEO News, Platinum leadership stated last week they focused on resuming benefits, and payroll.

Platinum told employees they are engaging the current policy holder for continued coverage for active employees and COBRA information for those in furlough.

They have also started enrolling all active employees with their current carrier Blue Cross Blue Shield.

In regards to payroll for employees, some of which are on their third pay period without being paid, Platinum said despite receiving the information requested for the employees from local departments, they are still missing other pertinent information to make sure that everyone is taken care of correctly, legally and as quickly as possible.

Platinum told the employees they are determined to issue paychecks as soon as possible, and do not want to lose good people and if their situation requires them to be furloughed, they understand and hope to bring them back soon.

Noble Health ceased hospital operations in Mexico and Fulton on March 24th.


Copy of the email sent from Platinum Leadership to employees on 4/30/22: