No New News On Hospitals Potential Reopening In Mexico And Fulton

Furloughed employees of the shuttered hospitals in Mexico and Fulton have no news as to when they might get paid for past wages or be back to work.

In an email sent out yesterday (Thursday) to furloughed employees from Platinum Management they were told they will not be having a call in meeting that was scheduled yesterday (Thursday).


Platinum went on to say as soon as they are able to give specific information about payroll and benefits, and a timeline for re-opening, they would send an email out in advance to schedule a call.

Ownership of the hospitals in Fulton and Mexico was transferred from Noble Health to Platinum on April 21st.

Noble Health ceased hospital operations in Mexico and Fulton on March 24th with many of their employees being unpaid for several pay periods.

Platinum is hoping to get the hospitals licenses renewed and opened by June 23rd or sooner.

Below is the email sent to out to furloughed employees on 5/19/22.