Bright Futures Comes in to Boost the Lunch Buddies Program

This morning Christina McCaw, the District Coordinator for Bright Futures, and Marci Orr, the Chair of the Bright Futures Advisory Board came to our studio for a visit.  The last two years have taken a toll on the Lunch Buddies Program, more than halving the participants.  Now that schools are more or less back to normal, they are actively recruiting Lunch Buddies for our students.

The program matches volunteers with students to enjoy lunch together once or twice a month in the cafeteria.  It’s a mentoring program that benefits both parties.  Those involved develop great relationships, broaden their minds, and provide intergenerational support for each other.

The application process is a single page, and includes a background check.  The school counselors then match kids to adults who have similar interests to help foster the relationship.  Kids enjoy being heard by an adult, and some adults need to be heard by children; a win/win situation.





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