School Enrollment, Advising, Safety Awareness is Up

School enrollment in the area seems to be booming. Columbia Public Schools are up a record 669 students and State Tech in Linn is also up a record breaking 8%. Mexico 59 School District added 49 new students since May.

With their district’s board of education approval, Moberly is implementing an absolutely zero-tolerance policy on cell phones in order to foster communication and limit illicit web access during school hours. Students are required to keep their electronics in their locker or in their car or face disciplinary action.

Christine Harper, the Director of Communications for Mexico 59 says that “last spring, MHS received a grant to participate in the state’s Missouri Post-Secondary Advising Initiative, which placed a trained advisor into the high school, and, alongside the school counselors, will provide students with individualized college and career support. ”

She went on to say that “student safety is always a top priority and we are diligent about making sure staff and students are safe. For several years, staff has gone through various safety trainings and our district is continuously improving our security infrastructure in an effort to be prepared in the event something might happen.”