Laddonia Native Rear Admiral Samuel G. Fuqua To Be Honored Posthumously

A portion of Highway 19 in the Laddonia area will be renamed for Rear Admiral Samuel G. Fuqua at a ceremony tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.

Rear Admiral Fuqua was born in Laddonia on October 15, 1899 and served in the Army during World War I before entering the U. S. Naval Academy in 1919.

Lieutenant Commander Fuqua was assigned to the USS Arizona as the ship’s Damage Control Officer and First Lieutenant and was on board during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Fuqua was knocked unconscious by a bomb early in the attack but regained consciousness and directed fire fighting and rescue efforts.

Following the explosion of the ship’s forward magazines, he was the senior surviving officer and was responsible for saving her remaining crew.

For his heroism, Fuqua was awarded the Medal of Honor and upon his retirement in July 1953 was named Rear Admiral based on his combat service.

Rear Admiral Fuqua died in Decatur, Georgia on January 27, 1987.

The ceremony tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon will be in the gym at Community R-6 High School at 2:00 with seating beginning at 1:30.

Fuqua’s grandson Charles Nagel IV will be on hand as well as local and state dignitaries.




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