Mexico City Council Meets In Regular Session

The Mexico City Council meets in regular session to approve subdivision plats as well as infrastructure construction in other developments.

Property at 1221 East Jackson will be divided into two lots and Lakeside at the Oaks Plat 1 received approval as did the final plat for the Mexico Plant Science Center clearing the way for Tiger Soy to purchase property adjacent to their current location.

Lakeside at the Oaks will be a private subdivision but with sewer infrastructure maintained by the city, prompting a number of easements that were approved during the meeting.

The extension of Mars Street to Agricultural will be underway in the coming months, also prompting easements which were approved as well.

The City has also entered into a purchase agreement for the former A. P. Green property and in order to sell the roughly ninety-six acres needs to redeem neighborhood improvement district bonds that were issued in 2010.

The Council approved the redemption of the bonds with a closing date possibly by year-end.

City Manager Bruce Slagle asked the Council if they wished to explore the option of placing an issue on the April ballot to tax marijuana sales in the City.

According to estimates, the city could realize $150,000 annually on the tax.

City staff will present an ordinance to the Council in January to review prior to the January 23rd deadline for issues to be placed on the ballot.