Mexico Board Of Education Selects Applicant To Fill Unexpired Term

The Mexico Board of Education filled a vacant seat during a special session tonight (Thursday) at Central Office.

Michelle Cobb Stephens was selected to fill the unexpired term of Marci Orr who stepped down from the Board Of Education last month to accept a job with the Mexico School District.

Five candidates applied for vacant seat.

Erick Richardson withdrew his application today (Thursday) before the special session which left four applicants to be interviewed by the Mexico Board of Education on Thursday night.

The applicants included Matthew Robnett, Michelle Cobb Stephens, Lynnette Brown and Heather DeMint.

Each of the applicants made an opening and closing statement, and answered two pre-set questions and eight questions that were drawn at random.

At the end of the interview process Michelle Cobb Stephens was nominated to fill the vacant seat and was voted in 5-1 by the Mexico Board of Education.

Stephens then took the Oath of Office and took her seat.

Stephens term will run through April 2024.





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