Boone County Man Facing Charges of Conspiracy to Commit Murder

A man in Boone County is facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder in connection to a disturbance at a house last month.

According to court documents Brian Kelley assaulted two elderly residents on December 31st.


Kelley is accused of choking and strangling at least one of the victims, and hitting their face and then grabbing a board and hitting them with it.

Police report one victim stopped the attack by grabbing wasp spray and using on it Kelley, and then holding him at gunpoint until officers arrived.

According to police the attack was premeditated on social media, and a discussion was had about how Kelley and Jared Bears would dispose of the bodies and what kind of a car would be used to outrun the law.

Kelley is currently being held in the Boone County Jail.

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