Prosecutor Releases Statement On DeBrodie Case

Callaway County Prosecutor, Christopher Wilson, released a statement today [Thursday] saying ethics rules put in place by the Missouri Supreme Court is prohibiting him from being able to release much information on an active investigation.

In the statement, Wilson said the investigation on what happened to Carl DeBrodie, as well as when it happened has been complex, involving multiple investigative agencies.


Debrodie’s death investigation was completed in mid-October of last year. Federal prosecutors requested that the death investigation be submitted to federal authorities for review before being turned over to local prosecutors. due to possible violations of federal healthcare laws.

The Callaway County Prosecutors office received the death investigation on January 11 of this year.

Debrodie was a resident at Second Chance Homes in Fulton. He was reported missing on April 17, and was found several days later encased in concrete in a storage locker.

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