City Council To Move Forward With Ballot Proposal

The Mexico City Council has voted to add a proposal to the ballot in April of 2019.

The council is asking residents to approve the continuation of a one half cent sales tax that would fund things such as street repair, bridges, curbs and culverts.


The same tax has already been in place for 30 years, and the cost would not go up.

The tax that was previously approved in Mexico is set to expire in June of 2020.

The council also approved the purchase of new in car mobile video equipment for Mexico Public Safety.

The budget was set for a $90,000 dollar purchase to replace the equipment purchased in 2009.

The bid from Watch Guard was accepted and public safety will move forward with installation.

The department will also receive new recording equipment for interview rooms at the station. Chief Susan Rockett will check with Watch Guard about the cost of body cams for officers.

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