Mexico Public Safety Report for 6/18/18

Mexico Public Safety reports the following arrests over the weekend:

On Friday, 32 year old Amparo S. Marshall arrested on an Audrain County Warrant.


Yesterday (Sunday) 21 year old Malik C. Davis on a Cole County Warrant.

Yesterday (Sunday) 20 year old Emily J. Tabaka for Third Degree Domestic Assault.


Mexico Public Safety responded to the following calls over the weekend starting on Friday, June 15th:

A sexual assault call at 1220 South Calhoun.

A kidnapping call at 715 Woodlawn.

An intoxicated person driving at North Olive.

Mexico Public Safety responded to the following calls on Saturday, June 16th:

A missing person report at 724 East Love Apartment A.

A scam at 1010 East Liberty.

A child abuse or neglect call at 833 West Breckenridge.

Mexico Public Safety went to the following calls yesterday (Sunday):

A dumpster fire at 2783 South Clark.

Harassment at 401 West Anderson.

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