Two Arrested For Child Abuse In Mexico

Two Mexico residents were arrested on numerous charges following a child abuse investigation by Mexico Public Safety and the Children’s Division.

According to a probable cause statement, 32 year old Amparo Sophia Marshall, and her live in boyfriend 23 year old Omar Sykes were taken into custody after officials found marks that consisted of bruising and broken, scabbing skin, that appeared to have been caused by a belt on children ages 12, 11 and 3.

Sykes told investigators the injuries had occurred due to spanking them with a dog leash, which he turned over to officers.

Marshall told authorities Sykes would discipline the children in this manner frequently, she allowed him to do it, and that she also allowed him to discipline the kids with a belt and an extension cord. She said when she noticed the marks she told him to stop.

Sykes and Marshall are being held in the Audrain County Jail on 75 thousand dollar bonds.






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