Mexico City Council

The Mexico City Council is approving a pay schedule for hourly public safety officers.

A study conducted on the pay schedule and benefits of city employees was conducted by the Austin Peter’s Group in January. At the conclusion of the study it was determined Mexico was competitive with similar sized communities as far as pay, with the exception of Public Safety Officers. Effective October 1, hourly paid officers are projected to get a 4.68 percent pay increase.

General hourly employees who are not in the Public Safety Department are projected for a one percent pay increase.

A grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation to go towards a transportation engineering plan. The purpose of the plan will be to make sidewalks compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.

Two more easements were accepted for the Holt Street Reconstruction Project from property owners. Residents in the area were instrumental in contacting property owners who live out of town to grant the easements to the city.

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