Serious Injuries In Kingdom City Tractor Trailer Crash

Two people sustained serious injuries in a crash in Kingdom City just before 7:30 this morning involving 3 tractor trailers. [Wednesday]

The Highway Patrol reports the accident happened when a Freightliner driven by Yacouba Sy was slowing to exit off Interstate 70 at Kingdom City when he was rear ended by John Curry who was driving another Freightliner. A third tractor trailer, driven by Larry Skates then hit the truck driven by Sy.


Curry, and his passenger, Sandra Venezia were seriously injured. Sy suffered minor injuries. All were transported to University Hospital in Columbia for treatment.

According to Sergeant Scott White, traffic was backed up for around 10 miles, and the interstate was closed for approximately an hour before one lane was opened. During this time, there 2 secondary accidents while traffic was stalled. No injuries were reported from either one.

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