Operators Of Carnival Report Rides Inspected Multiple Times Daily

The Soybean Festival will open tomorrow night, and one of the main attractions will be the carnival rides.

KXEO spoke with one of the owners of Southern Fun Rides, Brett Reinke.


He says his Grandmother, Mary Reinke,  has owned the carnival for 40 years.

Reinke continued by saying the State of Missouri does a minimum of 3 inspections per year on the rides, and he says they focus heavily on seat restraints. The last time the Department of Public Safety inspected the 17 rides for Southern Fun was July 4th.

Five members of Reinke’s team conduct inspections before the open of the carnival everyday, and then several times throughout the night. They all go through separately, so if one of them misses something, one of the other 4 will catch the mistake.

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