Board of Education Hosts Town Hall

The Mexico Board of Education hosted a town hall meeting last night [Thursday] to gain information on community concerns about a possible reconfiguration of the elementary schools.

The proposal is to make McMillan School a center for Pre-K and kindergarten students, with Eugene Field and Hawthorne housing first through fifth graders.


Attendees were given 3 questions to discuss in groups.

The first question was what the pros of the proposal would be, and potential challenges. One discussion group cited consistent curriculum between buildings, as well as more equal class sizes as pros. A teacher said she thought there would be easier ways to adjust class sizes in the district. There was also concern that separating kindergarten students from older kids would cost a learning opportunity, as well as disrupting staff connection with students.

The second question was pros and cons regarding expanding early childhood education. Participants said expanding the program would be nice, but they expressed concern regarding transportation and the continuation of the half day pre-K program presents a difficult situation for parents.

The current district boundary map was given to participants, and they were asked for suggestions on how to create equitable enrollment for two grade 1 through 5 buildings.

Challenges presented included students spending more time on buses.

The information from all tables will be compiled and presented at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

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