Mexico Board Of Education Hears Test Results

The Mexico Board of Education heard MAP testing results  from last year and e-sports at Tuesday’s meeting.

MAP testing assesses students in grades 3 through high school in government,  English language arts and mathematics based on a scale of below basic, basic, proficient and advanced.


According to the test results, grades 3 through 7 is slightly below but comparable to the basic state level, while the high school is more equal at the proficient level.

Mathematics is an area of need for the schools with a majority of students at a basic level across the district.

Government is at a basic level when compared to students statewide.

These test results will be used as a baseline for testing for MAP testing for this year.

Superintendent Dr. Zach Templeton said administrators have  been looking at e-sports teams and the opportunities the program can provide including a way for more students to be involved in the school and college scholarships.




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