City Council Hears From Mexico Schools

At Monday’s City Council meeting, the board heard results from a recent audit and received details about the elementary school reconfiguration from Mexico Public School Superintendent Dr. Zach Templeton.

The city hired Williams Keeper to conduct the annual audit.  The results were overall positive, with the report stating financial reporting was neutral, consistent and clear.



Dr. Zach Templeton addressed the council and said when planning was underway for the initial construction within the district, the plans called for 6 additional early childhood classroom, however, it soon became clear the space would not be available at McMillan Elementary School.

Templeton said that staff members have been meeting to finalize details.  He said one of the things that are certain is that students that live north of the railroad tracks will go to Hawthorne, while south of the tracks will attend Eugene Field.  All first through fifth graders at McMillan will go to Hawthorne next year.


Templeton also told the council traffic around McMillan could increase in the next school year because parents are less likely to allow a kindergarten student to ride a bus, and there will be no transportation provided for Pre-K students.

The school district also asked the council to alter school zone speed limit times to allow for students arriving at school earlier.  City Manager Bruce Slagle said the cost for the new signage and installation would be around $375.

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