Missouri’s U.S. Senators Respond To Funding Bill

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt issued a statement today [Thursday] after the Senate passed a bipartisan funding bill that will fund the fiscal year and give President Donald Trump some funding for the border wall.

In the statement Blunt says in part “This bill marks a step toward securing the border. It’s not the agreement either side would have preferred, but it does meet our obligation to fund the government and build new physical barriers along the border where they’re needed most.”


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Missouri’s other U.S. Senator Josh Hawley voted no on the bill. In a statement Hawley responds by saying “The spending bill we just voted on is the latest exhibit of why Congress is dysfunctional.
The bill is 1,100 pages and it was filed in the dead of night. Only in Washington is this considered normal. The process is broken and it’s a dumb way to do the people’s business, especially when it comes to upholding our most important responsibility – keeping our people safe. The spending bill doesn’t secure our border and weakens the authority of ICE to keep our citizens safe.”

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