Dollar General Store In Auxvasse Closing Doors Soon

The Dollar General Store in Auxvasse will be closing their doors soon.

According to an email from the Dollar General Corporation this morning the decision was made recently to close the location at 525 East Harrison in Auxvasse based on an assessment of the store’s future profitability.


The corporation did not release the specific date as to when they would close the store or how many employees work at the Auxvasse location.

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  1. Kim

    This is very upsetting. The store is very convenient for me and my family being so close. I shop there religiously. The employees ate always friendly and very helpful!! Why not close the one of 2 in Mexico Missouri instead like the one by Westlakes? The auxvasse store and employees should stay!!!

  2. Carla Hudson

    This just stinks! There seemed to be a lot of shoppers every time I was in there.
    The workers were friendly always willing to help. It’s a shame to close the doors!
    I’m gonna miss them.

  3. Shellie Townsend

    I don’t think it has anything to do with profitability! I think that it’s because the Auxvasse store is the only DG store that is in a union. What do you bet they close this one, and reopen another one

  4. Anonymous

    They voted to unionize. The court recently ruled that that vote stands and Dollar General must honor the union.

  5. wanda closser

    This is a shame. A small community should have the choice of shopping there.. Don’t understand.

  6. K

    Sad that because of unionization DG did this. They can make up a forced story if they want- we all know it’s because any. Implant does not want to pay fair wages and have decent benefits. Employees get screwed in this country and if it get too hard for a company they close the business or do what they can in another country. DG has lost my business.

  7. Barbara

    Bad decision on the part of Dollar General. This store is a god send, especially when you need one item. Now everyone will have to go to Wal-mart which at this time seems to be a petri-dish of covid-19. I think you all need to rethink this decision. Everyone uses Dollar General to shop more than other places. Very disappointing.

  8. Christy tennison

    This is very disappointing for the community that has supported this business for many years! So basically Auxvassse has been faithful and loyal to Dollar General and Dollar General dont care about the effects it will have on our community! Sad!!

  9. Jackie

    I get it. If this was your personal investment you would do the same. They can’t keep operating stores that don’t meet a certain performance model whether they love the community or not. Dollar General has gone through massive expansion and they have to look at their portfolio and make hard decisions. If unionizing costs took the store down due to expenses being greater than gross income or not meeting investment return expectations then blame unionizing on the loss of your store. And I’m sorry but to suggest closing a (possibly) profitable store in another market and keep an unprofitable store open? Really? All that being said I’m sorry for loss of your store and I expect they are too. It’s very hard in business to walk away but some times you have to.

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