Mexico City Council Discuss Golf Cart Ordinance During Work Session

The Mexico City Council has decided to get more answers and have more discussion about an ordinance that would allow golf carts on city streets.

Mexico City Councilman Chris Miller opened up the discussion about allowing golf carts on Mexico city streets during a work session tonight (Monday).

Miller talked about some of the requirements that other towns have adopted in their ordinance, such as having the golf carts insured for liability coverage.

The operator possessing a valid driver’s license, safety requirements like safety belts, turn signals, break lights and a set speed limit of 20 miles per hour or under.

Miller also said the golf carts are low cost and energy efficient.

Councilman Chris Williams said if there were to be an ordinance then UTV’s should be included as well.

Mexico Public Safety Chief Susan Rockett spoke and said her department believes golf carts on roads with other vehicles causes safety concerns.

Chief Rockett says Mexico Public Safety does not endorse or support the ordinance as Mexico streets are not designed in a manner conducive or friendly for golf carts to operate on.

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