Mexico Middle School Wrestlers Put Up Twenty Wins In Meet At Clinton

The Mexico Middle School Wrestlers made a long trip to Clinton, Missouri on Friday night in a last minute addition to the schedule.

Mexico went 20-11 on the night against the Clinton Middle School Wrestlers.

Coaches Tony Senor, Austin McBride and Adam Barnett remarked the team responded well after around a 3 hour bus trip and having wrestled at Marceline the night before.

The coaches say they are really proud of the resilience and toughness that their wrestlers have shown towards the end of the season.

Individual Matches:

Grant Van Horn 3-0 with 1 Pin Fall

Evan Wilson 2-0 with 1 Pin Fall

Christian Pilger 0-2

Tyson Carr 0-3

Michael Pfeifer 3-1

Watson Azdell 2-0 with 1 Pin Fall

Quaid Grubb 1-0 with 1 Pin Fall

Matty Tolbert 2-0

Jacob Stevens 1-1 with 1 Pin Fall

Matthew Pfeifer 0-2

Jaylin Merriman 1-1 with 1 Pin Fall

Dalton Arndt 2-0 with 2 Pin Falls

Darren Williams 1-1

Marcos Matuz 1-2

Isai Hernandez 1-1

The next meet will be tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the Thomas Jefferson City Middle School at 5pm.




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