Mexico Teens Sentenced Today For Their Role In 2019 Shooting Death Of TaJuan Williams

17 year old Demetric Dorsey and 17 year old Trebion Dorsey now know their sentences for their roles in the 2019 shooting in Mexico that killed 27 year old Tajuan Williams after being sentenced in the Audrain County Courthouse today (Wednesday).

Judge Russell Steele sentenced Demetric Dorsey, to a term of 10 years in the Department of Corrections on one count of Involuntary Manslaughter in the First Degree, and 15 years in the Department of Corrections on one count of Armed Criminal Action.

Those sentences will run concurrent with each other.

Demetric Dorsey shot TaJuan Williams as Williams ran away during an altercation at a children’s birthday party on February 1, 2019 on Muldrow Street in Mexico.

Trebion Dorsey, was sentenced today by the Honorable Judge Russell Steele to a term of 5 years in the Department of Corrections, subject to a 120-day commitment in the Department of Corrections under the 559.115 Shock Incarceration Program.

Should Dorsey complete the program, he may be released to probation and remain under the Court’s supervision for five years with P&P Supervision and numerous conditions of probation.

Trebion Dorsey did not fire the shot that killed TaJuan Williams.

The following statement was released to KXEO news from Audrain County Prosecuting Attorney Jacob Shellabarger:

“TaJuan Williams was a son, a brother, a mentor, a friend and so much more,” said Prosecuting Attorney Jacob Shellabarger. “No family should have to experience what the Williams family has experienced every day since the shooting. The Dorsey’s pleas of guilty in this case, and the subsequent sentences, show that gun crimes have serious consequences, and that defendants will be held accountable for their crimes and their responsibility in those crimes.”

“The Court considered a significant amount of evidence in sentencing, including testimony from TaJuan Williams’ family members, and testimony from Dorsey family members. After reviewing all the evidence, considering the prepared sentencing reports, and hearing argument, the Court sentenced these defendants as the Court believed appropriate.” Shellabarger said.

“The victim’s family was not supportive of this plea agreement or the Court’s sentence,” Shellabarger said. “I can’t say I would ever understand how a homicide victim’s family would feel, and so their anger, frustration and disappointment is valid. TaJuan was violently, and senselessly, taken from them. The State’s plea agreement and sentencing recommendations took their thoughts into account and included them for the Court’s consideration. These pleas, and subsequent sentences, were in the interest of justice for our community.”

For Demetric Dorsey, the State’s sentencing request was for 10 years on Involuntary Manslaughter in the First Degree and 20 years on the Armed Criminal Action, with a total sentence not to exceed 20 years. The Defense argued for a 10 year sentence.

For Trebion Dorsey, the State’s sentencing request was for a 10 year sentence on Involuntary Manslaughter in the First Degree. The Defense argued the defendant be granted probation.

“The case was investigated in a thorough and professional manner by the Mexico Public Safety Department,” Shellabarger said. “I thank the men and women at MPSD for their detail-oriented, through effort to tell this tragic and violent story. It’s only possible to prosecute cases when witnesses cooperate, tell what they know, see, and hear, and evidence can be recovered. Without citizens’ cooperation, justice cannot be successfully achieved.”





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