Witnesses Testify In Day Two Of James Addie Trial

Witnesses are now taking the stand in the trial of the Monroe County man charged with killing his fiance back in 2018.

James Addie’s fiance, Molly Watson, was found on a rural road outside her car on April 27, 2018, near the intersection of Route M and Highway 151 in the Middle Grove area.

Addie had been married for 22 years to a different woman, who told police she had no idea about his affair.

His now ex-wife Melanie Addie testified against her ex-husband yesterday (Tuesday).

According to court records she said James told her he was going to see a friend around 7pm on the night Watson was found dead.

Melanie testified she went to bed around 7:30 that night, woke up at 2:30 am to police lights in her driveway.

She also said she has not seen the black jacket James was wearing since that night.

Two men who served jail time with James Addie also took the stand yesterday and testified they had a conversation with him about his bond and he responded by saying that his bail was so high because he put someone face down in a ditch.

The defense says that when the men reported the conversation they had with James, they said it was loud in the room with a shower running and a TV on.

According to the men, the three were sitting on a couch with the men on both sides of James.

The trial will continue today.




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