Mexico Library District Will Be Without Power For A While Thursday Morning

An Elsberry company is back in Mexico, continuing the window replacement project at the Mexico-Audrain County Library District Headquarters.

Director Christal Bruner says not all of the windows are being replaced.

Windows in the Carnegie Annex Building are not being replaced.

Bruner says after the decorative windows on the front of the building were replaced last year, the front area of the library was much warmer than in past winters.

The project will interrupt electric to the building tomorrow (Thursday) while contractors work near the electric lines.

The power will be out starting at 7:30 Thursday morning and they are hoping to have it back on when they open at 9.

Anyone wanting check out E-books can do so until around 8 tonight as the servers will be shut down overnight.

For more updates check the Mexico-Audrain County Library District’s Facebook page.

A new window is on the right, the original is on the left






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