Fifth Teacher In Mexico School District Awarded Cash Prize From Webber Family Of Pharmacies

The fifth and final cash award for 2021 was given out this (Thursday) morning to a Mexico School District teacher by the Webber Pharmacy.

Amanda Rowe, Science Teacher at the Mexico Middle School was awarded one thousand dollars from the Webber Family of Pharmacies.

It is the second year the Webber’s are honoring 5 teachers in the Mexico School District with $1,000.00 that is matched by $1,000.00 each by the Commerce Bank in Mexico.


The other winners this year included Dot Quinlan a pre-k teacher at the Mcmilllan Early Learning Center.

Angie Moeller a special education teacher at the Mcmillan Early Learning Center.

Stephanie Robinett who teaches at the Mexico Middle School.

And Eugene Field Elementary School Title One Reading Teacher Sue Nixon.

The awards were started to honor the late Laurann Webber and the money was given to recognize the importance of teaching excellence of Mexico Public Schools.




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