New Mexico Aquatic Center Doing Well Amidst Swimming Season Full Of Shortages

A nationwide shortage of chlorine tablets and lifeguards has made the swimming season difficult for some areas this year.

One of the reason for the shortage is due to a fire at a BioLab chemical plant in Louisiana last August that rendered the plant inoperable.

The facility was responsible for a significant portion of the popular chlorine tablets produced for the United States market.

Mexico Parks and Recreation just opened a brand new aquatic center last month in the midst of all of the shortages.

Director Chad Shoemaker says the chorine tablet shortage has not yet impacted the new aquatic center in Mexico.

Shoemaker says the Mexico Aquatic Center is fully staffed, however other swimming facilities are seeing issues with hiring lifeguards.

The lifeguard shortage has caused several pools and beaches to be completely closed this summer.






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