Big Boy Locomotive In Mid-Missouri

A treat for rail fans is traveling through mid-Missouri while headed to Kansas City.

Union Pacific’s Big Boy 4014, the world’s largest operating steam locomotive is in Jefferson City tonight (Monday) and will leave for Kansas City tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 8:00.

The American Locomotive Company built 25 Big Boys, eight of which remain in existence…the other 7 are in museums.

4014 is more than 130 feet long and weighs more than 560 tons and was retired in 1961.

Once it pulls out of the capital city in the morning (Tuesday), it stops in California at 9:00 and Sedalia at 11:00 before arriving at Union Station in Kansas City at 6:15 where it will remain through Wednesday.

Union Pacific welcomes spectators and photographers, but asks that they keep a 25 foot distance from the locomotive and because of it’s size, optimal photos are from 25 to 50 feet away.





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